short takes

Gerard Rigby, (Short Takes 22/8) sign me up. Enough talking, let’s be proactive and get to work. If we can’t save The Store, we can at least say we tried to save the post office.


Bianca Field,Newcastle EastSo totally agree with Ken Longworth’s review of Les Miserable (21/8/17), amazing production of such a historic story. It certainly brought a tear to my eyes also. Bravo to the Metropolitan Players.

Lorraine Gibson, Jewells”More money than they need”. (The Herald 22/8/17). I don’t think so! If $10m is needed to fix 100 year old Watt St. what about all the other 100 year old streets like Bolton, King, Church Streets to name just a few? Just as Supercars have opened a can of worms in Watt St. I think ‘the light rail we had to have’. Might provide another area where every cent will be needed. Unless of course, common sense prevails and the powers that be put the light rail where it should be, in the rail corridor. Anyone who argues otherwise does not have the taxpayers’ best interests in their sights. $100m comes to mind.

Tony Lawler, NewcastleAlan Squire’s case for light rail corridor use is not persuasive, David Chapman (Short Takes, 22/8). Light rail never provides intercity services. Right to the coast, an Eastern Suburbs designed corridor should be the basis of a business generating high turnover, high volume efficient Newcastle tourist Mecca, especially for soon to be 6 million Sydneysiders. Not only a rich Aboriginal heritage, current earth works are now uncovering so much of what makes Newcastle uniquely Australian.

Graeme Tychsen,Rankin ParkI note two local councils have abandoned the date of Australia Day out of respect for the first Australians. But I have yet to hear of an alternative date from the Aboriginal Community. Objecting to something is one thing. Offering an alternative is something else.

Neville Aubrey,WallsendWhat a cornucopia of letters. All my favourite topics. The rail truncation, Supercars fiasco, church/state separation, multi-faith churches, citizenship issues, light rail, public building decline and vandalism, Australia Day. The only subject missing was the ‘If it’s in the Bible it must be right’ topic.

Too much to take in. I will have a Bex and a good lie down.

John O’Brien,MerewetherI read the story about Kristyn Rourke (“I am lucky I survived”, Herald 22/8). What a brave and gutsy lady.

John Keen, GatesheadI note that the marriage equality yes vote got a huge boost this week with Tony Abbott coming out strongly against it.Lets be honest, anything Abbott is against has a lot going for it.

Mike Sargent,Raymond TerraceTHE POLLSDo you support the Vales Point solar plan?

Yes, 87.3%, No, 12.7%Should the University of Newcastle consider outsourcing the after-hours services?

Yes, 18.3%, No, 81.7%