Short Takes

Short Takes

To encourage debate, how about light rail underground on the existing rail corridor from Wickham to Newcastle station? Then a tunnel under the harbour to Stockton and on to the airport, from the airport back to the Wickham interchange with a stop at Newcastle Station to givetravelers the option of using the city precinct. A second hub at the airport could cater for trains, planes and road transport.Maybe even a light rail to the Port Stephens area.
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Bob Swetnam, Tingira HeightsFor me as a person very sensitive to polluted air, I find it hard to understand that it is apparently in order to advertise the wood fires in the paper when only one smoking chimney of one house alone can pollute whole areas.

Tony Kirchner, Warners BayThe gods must be crazy.Be thankful it was Senator Hanson under the burqa instead of an unknown with a machine gun. People,no childish blame games please.

Chassla Deaves, MandalongMalcolm; build an Abbott proof fence.

R Parmeter,Bonnells BayI have noticed a flurry ofrestaurantsand venues on the proposed race track offering deals for the Supercars race (“In the fast lane”, Weekender 19/8). I understand it is an employers responsibility to ensure safe working conditions, which include employees being able to hear instructions. Imagine if an employee or patron did not hear a safety instruction and got hurt. Who do you think will be liable? Theemployer. SafeWork NSW have a responsibility to advise businessowners. I have seen noisesimulationswhich show over 100dB for some of these venues, which will cause hearing issues for a prolonged period.I would thinkbusinesswould wantsome very good legal advice before opening during the race.

Mark Burslem,Newcastle EastAwabakal have been granted the Newcastle Post Office and been given money towards repairingit. Why don’t they use the money and turn the post office into a museum to show their history and culture? Simple. Turn it into something to be proud of.

Amanda Johnstone,MayfieldI’m pretty certain there’s a group of boffins at LNP headquarters being paid to come up with new stupid ways to waste taxpayers dough. This week it’s drug testing a few unemployed in Bankstown (“Surprising support in Bankstown for drug-testing welfare recipients”, theherald南京夜网419论坛, 22/8). New Zealand abandoned the idea when it netted a total of 22 positive tests at $50,000a pop. Shouldn’t this money be spent on rehab, where the Liberalsare happily slashing funds?

Mac Maguire,CharlestownTHE POLLSShould the University of Newcastle consider outsourcing the after-hours services?

Yes, 18.3%, No, 81.7%Will Mattara’s move to Wallsend change your plans?

I’m more likely to attend, 44%; I’m less likely to attend, 21.3%; I was never going to attend, 34.7%