Landboss Father’s Day photo competition finalists 2017

Gavin Hill, a turf farmer from Largs, NSW has been nominated in the Landboss Father’s Day competition and is one of the finalists in the running to win a Landboss 800D UTV.There’s a lot of love for dads out there, judging by the response to our Landboss Father’s Day photo competition.


More than 1000 entries were received, with families from around Australia telling us why their dad was the best and deserving to win a Landboss 800D utility vehicle worth $15,990.

A shortlist of 25 finalists has been selected. You can view their photos in this photo gallery.

Finalists named in Landboss Father’s Day photo competition DON HUBBARD, SPRING RIDGE: Re-building contour banks following a super storm flood in March. Nominated by Sarah Hubbard who says: “At 57 he’s driven a dozer to rebuild our farm seven days a week since March. He is my everyday inspiration of humility, humour and hard work.”

DES HANRAHAN, DAYSDALE: Finding time for play amid the work on the farm. Nominated by Phillip Hanrahan who says: “I love my dad because he is always working hard on the farm and he always has time to kick the footy.”

ANDREW WALKER, HANNAFORD: The Boss and The Kid in need of a transport upgrade. Nominated by Emma Walker who says: “He does so many good jobs on the farm and looks after me well and I love him 100 million.”

BRETT PHILLIPS, WOODCHESTER: Nominated by Toby Phillips who says: “Dad loves having fun with me and my brother around our farm. This is how he would react if I won him a Landboss.”

ANDREW HEWITT, RIDDELLS CREEK: Push! Taken out the back of Pa’s in 2015. Nominated by Christian Hewitt who says: “He works hard at his job and carts hay in his time off. He takes us to the farm where we have fun.”

JAIMIE MILLING, LEADVILLE: Inspecting the damage on the family farm after the Sir Ivan bushfire in February. Nominated by Fenella Milling who says: “Dad risked his life and fought as hard as he could to save our family farm.”

GAVIN HILL, LARGS: With Daddy’s little girl. Nominated by Maggie Hill who says: “My dad works hard every day, farming turf and making hay. He works two jobs the best he can. Like Landboss he’s a dependable man!”

RODNEY SIMMONS, GLOSSODIA: Modified a car himself for working around the farm. Nominated by by Mark Simmons who says: “Hard worker on the farm, usually resulting in bruises and cuts but never stops! Always there for family. Upgrading his modified farm vehicle would be awesome!”

NATHAN LILLEY, PORT FAIRY: With his daughter Ruby, 18 months, fixing a leaking trough on their sheep farm. Nominated by Ruby who says: “My dad is the best because even though I slow him down (a lot), he never leaves me behind.”

AARON RAGGETT, MT ISA: At sundown with son Archer, finishing up some first birthday cake on the back of the ute. Nominated by Archer who says: “Works hard sun up to sundown, has still given me the greatest gift of all, which is timeless love. Always puts his family first. A real BOSS!”

BILL HUTCHISON, GILGANDRA: When I grow up Dad, I will shear faster than you. Nominated by Susan Hutchison who says: “My husband is the best dad to our boys as he is always teaching them about the farm, shearing or just having fun at home.”

GEOFF WALLACE, MOUNT HELEN: Snuggles with the kids. Nominated by Euphemia Wallace who says: “My daddy is lovely and he is my champion.”

SCOTT BUSSENSCHUTT, TICKERA: Spending lunch time with dad, my favourite time of the day. Nominated by Natthaya Bussenschutt who says: “Dad helps me every day, never lets me down and works hard on our farm so we can go on holidays.”

TREVOR NEILSEN, WOOLOOGA: Having a yarn leaning on the fence. Nominated by Matthew Neilsen who says: “He is supportive and would do anything for his family.”

PETER WALLACE, BILOELA: Feeding up time. Nominated by Mackenzie Wallace who says: “My dad is the best because he has an awesome sense of adventure and feed up time is always so much fun!”

FRED CROAKER, GUYRA: Digging in the garden with the pets. Nominated by Melanie Croaker who says: “Dad is hard working and tough, as well as kind and creative. He is always patient when teaching me new things on the farm.”

LES WILLIAMS, COOLAH: Pop’s new right-hand man. Nominated by Brett Williams who says: “My dad is one of the hardest working men I know he has taught me so much that I could never repay him.”

MALCOLM MARTIN, TOLGA: Boppy and his princess having coffee. Nominated by Lorraine Martin who says: “He would go to the end of the world for us. Loves his grandbabies unconditionally.”

BRENTON GRATION, MIRBOO NORTH: Kohl, 4, preparing for the trip to Sydney carting spuds with his dad. Nominated by Kohl who says: “My dad works so hard in our business, I don’t see him much but he takes me in his truck and we eat truckers meals.”

PAUL CURR, TRUNDLE: Dinner in the truck at harvest time. Nominated by Paris Curr who says: “He loves his farm, He loves me lots, But boy oh boy, he’d LOVE a Landboss.”

WAYNE WELLS, CROPPA CREEK: The family’s first time in the snow. Nominated by Anna Wells who says: “He is the best because he works hard for us and he plays with us and gives us lots of love. We love our Dad.”

JOEL MACE, QUIRINDI: Drafting his mare Model. Nominated by Beau Mace who says: “My Daddy is the best, he plays games with me all the time and takes me riding on my pony Magic to check our cows.”

JUSTIN LINES, MOUNT BRYAN: Checking on the cows in the hills. Nominated by Emily Lines who says: “My dad is hardworking, tough, reliable, honest and kind. He loves and protects his family, land and stock.”

DAVID CREA, POREPUNKAH: Planting a pear tree on our new farm. Nominated by Magnolia Crea who says: “Papa loves us so much that he just got us a farm and two dogs. He makes us happy!”

DAVID GLASFURD, MANNING: On the farm with our dog Pip. Nominated by Sophie Glasfurd who says: “My dad’s the best because he has the moves to turn any situation into one of fun and laughs. (Hopefully the dance ability isn’t genetic).”


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The Landboss 800D UTV is designed for farmers or recreational users looking for a high-quality, high-powered diesel vehicle that can go just about anywhere.

The Landboss 800D UTV. LE model shown; the Father’s Day prize is the base model worth $15,990.

Powered by a hard-wearing Perkins engine, the Landboss is renown for its sturdiness, safety and agility. The company is 100 per cent Australian owned, so you can feel good about helping the Aussie economy as well.

With a two-year factory guarantee, the Landboss isbacked by a network of more than 80 dealers across the country.

Its 800cc, three-cylinder Perkins diesel engine is matched with a CVTech transmission that has selectable 2WD and 4WD, front and rear differential locks and turf mode. The spacious cab includes a bench seat while a ROPS-certified roll frame offers protection.

It’s not all about the comfort. The Landboss 800D UTV is ready for work with more than a one-tonne carrying capacity, a 450-kilogram cargo box and a 700-kilogram tow capacity.

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