Connie Johnson: ‘I still have my arms for hugging my children’

Connie Johnson: ‘I still have my arms for hugging my children’

Love Your Sister’s Connie Johnson. Photo: Sitthixay DitthavongIn an emotional social media post Love Your Sister’s Connie Johnson has declared that despite the realities she faces during her final stages of terminal cancer, she is trying to “find the positives.”
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The sister of 2017 Logie winning actor Samuel Johnson, 39, with whom she runs the Love Your Sister cancer charity, posted on Facebook on Tuesday night that despite “feeling cheated out of those normal daily experiences” and “mourning the loss” of usual bodily functions, she remained “wonderfully happy” with the parts of her life she can still celebrate.

“[T]oday I realised that I still have my mind, there’s not cancer there. I still have my hands and my arms for hugging my children, I still have eyesight for seeing my friends,” she wrote.

Last month Molly actor Samuel Johnson revealed on social media that his 40-year-old sister was “actively dying” and moving into hospice care after ceasing all treatment for the final stage breast cancer and liver that has racked for body for three years. She had already fought and beaten bone cancer at 11, and uterine cancer in her early twenties.

“Con’s needed a lot of quiet time lately to try and comprehend the total head******y that ‘actively dying’ brings. She’s been colouring in to keep the nasty thoughts at bay! She said to tell you that there’s life in the old dog yet,” he wrote.

In true Johnson style, the mother of Willoughby, 10, and Hamilton, 9, also wrote in her latest Facebook post that she is still finding solace and optimism.

“I still have my hearing for lovely conversations and music. I still have a couple of hours a day when I can do my craft. These are things to celebrate, I just feel so wonderfully happy!”

Johnson also posted photos to her Instagram earlier this week of time spent in her hospice. The photos include her colouring-in therapy books with a friend, as well as breaking out of the hospice to visit artist Marie Ramos and “the villagers” leading the Love Your Sister charity’s latest project; imprinting 2000 fingerprint love heart tiles from celebrities and supporters to raise $100,000.

Samuel Johnson, who penned an emotional tribute to his sister last month, also announced recently that he was retiring from acting to focus full-time on his sister’s wellbeing and Love Your sister, which was raised $5 million so far for cancer research.

Many supporters have shown their support and love for Connie on social media, thanking her for dedicating so much time to finding a cure while enduring her toughest battle.

“Connie, you have raised awareness and grown a village that will support you during the hardest walk that you both are travelling,” one wrote.

Another continued, “I have so much love for you and Connie. The courage you both continue to show and the empire you both have built is beyond words.”

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